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Acoustic Singer / Songwriter Series

Volume 1 - Stanhope House: Stanhope, NJ (4.17.16)

Lou Tambone, Bob Terhune, John Mauer, Keith Dunham,

Winterlong, Mike Lawlor, Rick Barth & Eric Benson,

Scott Williams, Rick Winow, Jeff Bridi & Nick Bohensky,

John Bruggeman, Josh Lafargue, Jill Cagney,

Who Wants What

Volume 2 - Stanhope House: Stanhope, NJ (11.13.16)

Kevin DeFeo, Scott Nickens, Zach Von Sternberg,

AJ Croix, Mike Lawlor, Bernie Drury,

Scott Williams, Rick Barth

Volume 3 - Crossroads, Garwood, NJ 10.23.16

Bernie Drury, Gavin Parker, Jack Sharnikow,

Leander Galimba, Nick Bohensky & Jeff Bridi,

Steve Kirchuk, PD Brody, Rick Barth

Volume 4 - Roxy & Dukes: Dunellen, NJ (3.5.17)

Jim Monaghan, Jill Cagney, Jeff Webb,

Silent Q, John Hathaway, Bob Terhune,

Bruce Tunkel, Rick Barth

Volume 5 - 10th Street Live: Kenilworth, NJ (1.14.17)

PD Brody, Ciro Patti,

Winterlong, cc, Silent Q, Edge Of Blue,

Geoff Keiser, Rick Barth

Volume 6 - Stanhope House: Stanhope, NJ (4.30.17)

Mike Lawlor, Scott Williams, AJ Croix,

Casey Honig, George Marinich, Beth Sherby,

John Bruggeman, Rick Barth

Volume 7 - Crossroads: Garwood, NJ(2.12.17)

Jack Sharnikow. Jim Monaghan, The Reverie,

Kevin Kinsella, Bernie Drury, Son Of Dov,

John Hathaway, Rick Barth

Now booking Volumes 9, 10, and 11 (Announcements coming soon!)...

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Pre-Acoustic Singer/Songwriter Series Shows at The Crossroads in Garwood

8/28/14: John Bruggeman, Silent Q, Lou Tambone, Kevin Kinsella, Josh Lafargue & Rob Smith, Lake Of Orchards, Rick Barth

1/17/16: John Mauer, Josh Lafargue, Bob Terhune, Jill Cagney, John Bruggeman, Rick Winow, Rick Barth

Volume 8 - Sarah Street Grill, Stroudsburg, PA (5.7.17)

PD Brody, I Am Curbie, Silent Q,

What Is Broken, Sahara Moon,

Zach VonSternberg, Gordon Ward, Rick Barth